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At Kindly, we believe in the strength of community powered by technology. We’ve seen how the app and social media landscape has changed and now the younger generation is curating every experience meticulously, and this applies to how they interact and engage with their communities. Enter Kindly.

How we connect may have changed over the years, but the importance of connecting has not. And while the world is changing at an unprecedented rate, the value of community has not dissipated. Relationships matter, and it’s how we can make a difference. After all, supporting a cause can only go so far when we’re on our own. But organized and concise actions can move mountains.

Kindly recognizes the growing desire for positive change in the world and has made the dream for achieving a better future easier: By connecting multiple nonprofits onto one platform and allowing prospective volunteers to find the cause and volunteering opportunity that works for them.  

The classic 9-to-5 workdays are gone, and so are many other facets of every-day life that used to represent the average American life have changed. And while many want to offer their time to aid an organization, there’s often a struggle in finding an opportunity that works with their schedule or even a cause that suits the prospective volunteer in the first place.

Kindly presents available volunteering shifts for each cause and partnered nonprofit within the app. Once a shift is selected, quick response-times give volunteers the opportunity to properly plan and schedule for their upcoming engagements. As the shift nears, a friendly notification appears to remind the volunteer of the commitment they signed up to for that day. The Kindly app makes communication easy, allowing for nonprofits to connect to volunteers and for volunteers to connect shifts of interest to loved ones.

This connection transcends from virtual to reality in the midst of the volunteering opportunity. Face-to-face interactions these days might look different with our masks covering our faces, but what volunteers do for nonprofits continue to represent change and kindness.

Join us and download Kindly and experience a new way of making change.

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