Can the giving process change to keep pace with the needs of our communities?
Yes, it can. Which is why we are working towards this opportunity every day. Communities have incredible untapped power. They deserve modern solutions to unlock this power and to make the necessary connections to support one another.
Ideas that carry Kindly forward
Yes, we're creating technology. And, that technology is built on a handful of fundamental ideas. Here are a few.
Community first
"Does this support the community?" is an easy litmus test to make part of every decision. As opportunities and the need for action present themselves, there is only one right answer to this question.
Multiply impact
Design tools and models to have opportunities for exponential growth.
Big results start with small acts
Systemic change is the goal, but individual small acts are an important part to getting started. Value the small input and grow capacity for bigger commitments.
Dig deeper
The "right" answer today may not get us to the goal tomorrow. It is important to peel back motivations, assumptions and desired outcomes.
Kindly's features make it easier to support your community.

There are countless ways to help in your community. We've created features to make this process easier.
Customize your feed
Search and discover new opportunities and we'll suggest new ideas for making a difference
Volunteer virtually
From writing letters of love and support for isolated seniors to making masks, help from home.
Go where you're most needed
On-call positions allow you to make the biggest impact based on the real-time needs in your community.
Our new model for deploying philanthropic funds will amplify community giving.
Democratize philanthropy
Tested with the generous support of the Knight Foundation, we developed a new and powerful toolset to democratize philanthropy.
Converting Volunteers Into Donors
Kindly connects a community of givers (time/money) on one platform.
Data for Donors
With sophisticated insights, Kindly offers donors a deeper connection to their giving.
Kindly not only creates a deployable workforce, but also has the potential to aggregate tens-of-billions of philanthropic capital flowing in the market.
JAI WINSTON, Program Director
The opportunity
Amplifying the power of the world's largest workforce: US Volunteers
1.8 million
Active nonprofits in the United States
more likely to give if you volunteer
donated by Millennials and GenZ to charity per year
US adults volunteered through an organization in 2018
increase in mobile giving in the past year
average amount donated by GenZ individuals per year
donated to charity in 2018
90 percent of millennials in the United States think that they can positively impact the country and make it a better place to live.
- CauseVox