Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use Kindly?  

Kindly works directly with local nonprofits to offer volunteer opportunities so you can quickly get involved and make a difference in your community. Just download Kindly, sign-up, and stay up-to-date via the app. When you arrive at your volunteer location, as described in the event details, open Kindly and confirm you are checked in (if turned on, you'll automatically check-in via our location services). We have several other nifty features, like syncing with your phone calendar and sharing direct links to your favorite volunteer opportunities.

Where is Kindly available?  

Kindly is available to be used anywhere in the world, and volunteers have joined successfully from many different cities. However, most of our in-person volunteering events occur in Minnesota (for now).

We also have online/virtual volunteering events like Letter Writing.

The app navigation is in English. We plan to translate the web app into several select languages soon.

Is Kindly available for iOS and for Android?  

Of course! You can download Kindly from the Google Play Store right here.

You can download Kindly from the App Store here.

I registered for an event, but now I can't make it. What should I do?  

If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP by unregistering via the app. You can unregister within the volunteer event detail screen.

Can I bring a friend?  

We love friends! Please have them download the app and register for the event.

I work for a nonprofit, how do I post opportunities for the Kindly community?  

Contact us here: 94SCh4eYhYO3nJ6Zk5uO2ZiFkA@nospam

I'm under 18, can I still volunteer?  

In some cases, volunteers under 18 need parental consent. Please review the age restriction for each volunteer event within the Kindly app. Age limits are enforced.

Why do you need my birthday and other information?  

Some volunteer opportunities require additional information, like emergency contact or confirmation that you are over 18 years old. Other information requested in the registration process allows for us to better match you with opportunities. The information is only accessible to our nonprofit partners to enable your participation in the volunteer event(s). Other than the organizations you directly volunteer with and support on Kindly, we will not share your personal information for any 3rd party use


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How do I change notification settings?  

We currently send notifications to keep you up to date on your registered events, urgent communication with volunteer managers, and the occasional reminder about new opportunities happening in the Kindly community. You can customize these alerts by going to Settings –> Notifications in the app.

Can I suggest a volunteering event?  

Of course! We're building a feature exactly for this purpose. In the meantime, please send us an email to P0xKT09QTUt-VFZRW1NGEVBNWA@nospam.

How do I change my location?  

To change your location or update settings:

  • Go to Settings within your Profile and change your preferred location

This new location will then be used in the following ways:

  • To calculate what events are shown to you in the main feed of the app
  • To determine what new events you are notified about

Please note, we do not currently have functionality to allow users to set multiple locations.

How can I edit my profile?  

Please visit your profile and hit the edit button in any field you wish to edit. Make sure to hit the "Save" button once you're done.

The app is not working...  

If the Kindly app is not working, it's possible we may be in the middle of scheduled maintenance and we'll be back online shortly. Otherwise, please contact: zr27vr6hvLqOpaegqqK34KG8qQ@nospam


            COVID-19 questions



I want to help during and post Covid-19, what can I do?  

Thank you for your willingness to help! Please visit this page to learn more about our response to Covid-19 and how you can help. Please do not volunteer if any of the following is true:

  • You have a positive COVID-19 test.
  • You are displaying any symptoms as described by the CDC, linked HERE, or you are living with or have been in close contact (6 feet) with anyone displaying symptoms.
  • You are getting ill and think you might have COVID-19. Symptoms, especially early on, may be mild and feel like a common cold. Symptoms could include a combination of cough, body aches, fatigue, and chest tightness. Some people may not develop fever or fever may not appear until several days into the illness.
  • You have been directed to self-isolate or fall into any category of persons directed to self-isolate.
  • You are, or live with, an immunocompromised person.

I'm a frequent volunteer but over the age of 60, can I still help?  

Of course! As per the CDC guidelines, +60 adults should be sheltering in place while there's a continued state of emergency due to Covid-19.

That said, we have great volunteer activities that you can do from the comfort (and safety) of your home, like our Letter Writing events. Read more here.

Why do I require a one-time briefing before I can volunteer on Kindly?  

For your safety and the safety of others, we use the short briefing to share safety tips and explain useful tips for getting the most out of Kindly. Don't worry, these briefings are only 20 minutes!

Should I wear a mask when volunteering?  

Yes. Please use a mask. Masks can help limit the spread of the virus. They are most effective when used in combination with frequent hand washing or sanitizing.

Should I wear gloves during volunteering events?  

You can choose to wear gloves; however, this must not replace any of the above hygiene recommendations. You must still wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

Can I ask other people around me to confirm they're healthy/feeling well?  

Yes. Please understand this may be a sensitive subject and should be approached with compassion. If you have continued concerns, you can always inform the volunteer manager and leave the volunteer event.

I have underlying health issues/I am in a higher risk age category, what do I do?  

Please exercise caution and consider participating in one of our virtual volunteering events.

I have just volunteered with Kindly and discovered that I have, or someone I am in close proximity to has coronavirus symptoms, what should I do?  

  • Please inform us of the situation by sending an email to BXZwdXVqd3FFbmxrYWl8K2p3Yg@nospam so we can inform and protect other kindly volunteers you may have interacted with.
  • You must self-isolate for 14 days. Please unregister from any volunteering events within that time period.

I witnessed unsafe activities at a nonprofit.  

Please inform us of the situation by sending an email to n+zq7+-w7evf9Pbx+-PmsfDt+A@nospam