Kindly Post

Many of our community's seniors are social distancing alone and feeling more isolated than ever.
Let's fight loneliness—your letter will make their day.


Words that matter

Write a short, personalized note to let them know they are not alone.


We're looking forward to the time when it's safe to resume our in-person volunteer activity with this very special part of our community. Until then, we can help our elders feel connected and show them they are far from forgotten.

Send a letter via Kindly Post.
Your words will make an impact.

How can you help?

Follow the steps below to extend a warm (virtual) handshake and hello.

Step 1

Download the Kindly App and register for one of our letter-writing events. Then we'll match you with an elder.

Step 2

Join the event's live webinar, learn the details about Kindly Post, and sharpen your virtual pencils.

Step 3

Start writing letters by clicking the button below!

Have you been assigned an elder? If so, let's get writing. If not, don't worry! Just download Kindly from the App Store or Google Play and sign-up for one of our letter writing events.