Volunteering with Kindly is the fastest, easiest way to make a difference in your community.
Engage with local organizations and causes that you're passionate about, and meet people who have the same interests. We curate the most urgent opportunities in a variety of categories so you can choose what's right for you.
Volunteering with Kindly
Engage with the community by doing what you love
Do anything good
Sometimes, our partner organizations will post an opportunity that doesn't fit neatly into one of the other categories. Take a look around – you never know what you'll learn while doing good.
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Do gardening
Expand your knowledge of plants, breathe fresh air and meet new people. Kindly volunteers are planting and harvesting food and flowers and sharing their love for playing in the dirt.
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Get Involved Outdoors
Is there anything better than enjoying nature in the company of others? Clear trails, make playgrounds safer, and get to know a new neighborhood while getting your daily Vitamin D allowance.
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Education is one of the most essential pillars of a democratic society, and we need to ensure the next generation of individuals have equal access to quality education. Provide your knowledge, time and experience through our volunteering events..
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Work with animals
Millions of animals nationwide need shelter, food, water, and proper care. Get involved with local rescue organizations by providing food to animals, dog-walking, and volunteering your time and expertise in support of adoption events.
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Battle poverty and hunger
There is no excuse to allow our fellow neighbors to go hungry. Join Kindly in our efforts to battle poverty and hunger. Activities include helping at food shelves, supporting homeless projects and thrift centers, and more.
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Build homes
What's better than getting someone in need into a home of their own? Connect with organizations that build homes and shelters for individuals in your community.
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Work with youth
Get in touch with your inner child by volunteering with local children and youth. Volunteer opportunities include working with youth programs in sports, tutoring and the arts.
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Connect with seniors
For many, time is the greatest gift of all. Make a marked difference in the lives of elders in your community by spending an afternoon helping them shop, chatting about their lives, or playing a card game.
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Let's do some good
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