About us
The strength of community is rooted in a basic idea: it's on all of us to support the common good. Kindly aims to amplify that capacity and motivate us to take action. Consistently. We provide the Kindly community with opportunities to learn about their neighbors – especially those who need a hand – and provide them access to resources and people who will get them involved. The problems we face are solvable, but only if all of us take part in the solution.

Kindly has evolved from the input of new and old friends across industry sectors. We're lucky to have the support of scores of organizations and the spirited people that work with them.
Our team
Brandon Litman
Co-Founder of One Day on Earth, the world's largest media collaboration (40,000 members). Led partnerships for volunteer media creation with over 400 nonprofits around the world.
Alex Bierling
Over 15 years of experience in strategic management, operations in EU, US, CN. Focus on organizational management, digital product strategy and customer implementation.
Steve Nitzschner
Steve is a serial entrepreneur with a long successful history of starting, investing and maintaining social impact projects all over the globe such as Little Bird, Healbot India, Hugleberry, Global Nature Award.