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  • Can I refer a nonprofit to Kindly?
    Of Course! We are building this platform for that exact purpose. Please reach out to to connect us to those communities.
  • I’m interested in partnering with Kindly. Can I receive a DEMO of the platform?
    Absolutely! Please get in touch with our community manager, Seth Anderson:, to schedule a DEMO of the platform.
  • What is a donation match and how does this work?
    We’re excited to connect you to an incredible family of existing donors who value your volunteer support.When you volunteer on Kindly, your time unlocks a donation matchfrom likeminded donors. You have 72 hours to activate this match by using the donation slider on the donation screen. Donate whatever amount feels right to you and a fellow community member will add to it, maximizing support for important local causes!
  • Who is issuing my receipt for the donation?
    All donations are processed through The Kindly Community Fund, Inc. a registered 501(c)3 organization (45-3263196). Kindly issues an email receipt at the time of donation and, if you have made multiple donations on Kindly totaling more than $250, a year-end letter will be emailed to you documenting the sum of all your donations made through the Kindly platform
  • Does Kindly keep my payment information?
    No, Kindly does not store your payment information. Every time you donate you have the flexibility to choose a different payment method. You can donate via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Venmo, or Apple/Google Pay. The next time you make a donation or add funds, simply select your preferred payment option at that time.
  • How does Kindly make money?
    Kindly is free for all nonprofit partners. Kindly makes money as a payment processor. Donations are subject to standard credit card processing fees, approximately 3% + $0.49 per transaction.
  • How old do you have to be to use the app?
    The minimum age is 13 years-old.
  • Does Kindly share my data?
    Kindly only shares your data with the organizations you are supporting with your time and donation. This means that if you register for an event or donate to an organization through Kindly, it shares the contact and transaction information with only that organization. No other organizations can see private information, nor do we sell information to any external party.
  • Can you Kindly approve community service learning or court-ordered community service hours?
    Kindly does not validate hours for community service. Please check in with an employee of the organization in which you volunteered through Kindly.
  • How does Kindly keep my information safe?
    We are serious about security and have implemented several measures to ensure your information is always protected. Reliable Hosting on Microsoft Azure: Kindly is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, one of the leading cloud services known for its robust security measures. This ensures high availability, resilience, and protection of your data against threats. State-of-the-Art Encryption: We use SHA-512 for encrypting your password, which is even more advanced than the commonly used SHA-256. This means your password is securely coded into a format that's impossible for even us to see or decode. No Raw Data Exposure: It never exposes the raw data of your password, not even during system logs or routine checks. This ensures your login details stay just between you and us. Selective Third-Party Integrations: To enhance your experience on Kindly, we integrate with various third-party tools, including Google APIs. We carefully manage these integrations, allowing only necessary services access to ensure a secure and seamless experience. Enhanced Transmission Security with SSL Encryption: To safeguard your data in transit, Kindly employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This ensures that all data exchanged between your device and our servers is encrypted, making your interactions with Kindly private and secure from interception. Your security and trust are paramount to us. We're always here to answer any questions and are committed to keeping your data safe with the latest in security technology.
  • How do I use Kindly?
    First, you can use Kindly to conveniently find & register for volunteer opportunities in one place. Second, Kindly has the power to amplify your financial impact through matching donations. As a volunteer, you will unlock donation matches from your service. You can also inspire others to match as a donor through the Kindly Wallet. Third, Kindly has the power to connect people to their community and other individuals looking to volunteer to make a difference
  • We’re interested in bringing a group. Can I sign up for a group in Kindly?
    YES. You can not only register a group via Kindly, but you can also invite friends through this process. When registering for an event, make sure to follow the group prompt.
  • I registered for an event, but now I can’t make it. What should I do?
    Please unregister via the app. Go to My Events to find the event detail screen (where you registered) and select unregister.
  • The event organizer told me to check-in on Kindly. How do I check-in?
    30 minutes before the start of the event, a “Check in” button will appear at the bottom of the screen in the homepage of the Kindly App. Simply open Kindly and press that button. If you already checked-in electronically through the nonprofit organization’s system, there’s no need to check in with Kindly. We synchronize your check-in status with our partners' system.
  • How can I donate using Kindly?
    Kindly's donation model is focused on community impact, together. A donation opportunity is connected to your volunteer activity. The ability to donate opens towards the end of your event and is paired with matching funds from others in your community! But, don't sleep on it! This donation opportunity and unlocked funds are only available 72 hours after the volunteer event ends. Here are the steps to make that happen: Create Your Kindly Profile: You must create a profile in order to register for an event and donate. If you already have an account with a partner organization, I recommend you use the same email! Sign up and complete a volunteer activity: The opportunity to donate is connected to the volunteer event, so you must sign up, check-in, and complete the activity. You still have the ability to create a profile and register for the shift up to 15 minutes after the end of the event! Don’t miss out! Enter back into the app to donate: At the end of the activity, you will receive notification from Kindly saying you’ve been matched with a donor! Click on it to take you to donate. If you don’t have notifications enabled, open the app and you’ll see a message in the main page prompting you to unlock funds! This will guide you to the donation slider to amplify your impact to the organization!
  • If I volunteer for multiple shifts at the same event, can I unlock multiple donations?
    Each event only allows for a single donation to be unlocked, regardless of the number of shifts volunteered.
  • I noticed there’s an option to cover the processing fee for donating. Can you tell me more about that?
    Kindly is free for nonprofit partners. All donations in Kindly have a standard processing fee, approximately 3% + 0.49 per transaction, to cover the fees of using Kindly and 3rd party payment platforms like Venmo and Paypal. We encourage supporters to cover the cost so the organization receives the full donation you chose to give.
  • How can I edit my profile?
    You can access your profile by clicking your profile image on the top left of your screen.
  • How can I edit my email address?
    To ensure the safety and security of your account, Kindly employs a multi-step process for updating your email address. Here's how to do it: Access Your Profile Menu: Tap on your profile picture or avatar located in the top left corner of the app's home screen. Go to Your Profile: If on Android, tap the pencil icon to start editing. On iPhone, you may begin editing immediately. Enter Your new Email: if on Android, tap the save icon at the top right of the screen to save your changes. Confirm the Change: You will receive a verification email to your old address. Open the email and click on the provided link to confirm the change. Verify Your New Email: Then you will receive an email at your new address. Open it and confirm your new email address to complete the verification process. Completion: Once you've confirmed the change through both your old and new email addresses, your update is complete. If you do not receive the confirmation emails, please check your spam or junk folders. If you encounter any problems or need further assistance, please reach out to the Kindly support.
  • I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
    Here’s a quick Step-by-Step Process: Access the Log in page on the Kindly App or Kindly Fund website and: Open the Kindly app or website and navigate to the login page. Tap or click on the "Forgot your password?" link. Check Your Email: Look for a message from Kindly with the subject line "Forgot your password?" If you don't see it, check your spam or junk mail folder. Follow the Email Instructions: Open the password reset email and click on the "Reset your password" link provided. Reset Your Password: Enter your new password and confirm it by typing it again in the 'Confirm Password' field. Complete the Process: Submit the form to update your account with the new password. You will receive a confirmation that your password has been reset. Log In with Your New Password: Return to the login page and enter your email address and new password. Remember, for security reasons, Kindly staff cannot change your password for you. If you encounter any issues or do not receive the reset email, please contact Kindly support at for assistance.
  • How do I give product feedback?
    We love feedback! We have a great feedback tool in the app. There are two options: 1) Go to your profile menu by clicking on your phone in the Activity Stream, then click “Contact Us” or 2) shake your phone while in the app, the “Instabug” feature will be displayed.You can offer a product suggestion, report a bug, or ask questions.
  • I need help! I think I found a bug in the app!
    Let’s squash this [digital] bug! But first, let’s go through a few steps to help understand the issue: Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and try accessing the app again. Update the app: Outdated versions of the app may have compatibility issues with newer device software or services. Check for app updates in your device's app store and install any available updates. Restart your device: A simple restart often resolves temporary glitches or conflicts If the issue persists after completing the steps above, use the “Instabug” feature by shaking your phone to report it. (We’re not pulling your leg… shake it like you mean it!) The feature will snap of photo of the current screen you are on to help us identify the bug. We really appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue to report bugs and suggestions to help us improve the Kindly platform. If you cannot get the app to load at all, please email A representative will be in touch.
  • How do I delete my Kindly account?
    Sorry to see you go! You’re always welcome back. To delete your Kindly account, please visit your profile settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen. If there are any questions or concerns, we’d be happy to support you. Please contact us:
  • What is a token? At the bottom of the Profile page, there’s an option to add a token.
    In the Kindly app, "tokens" act like keys for private events. A token is typically a unique string of characters that can be provided to a volunteer, which, when entered into the app, grants access to these special events. For example, if an organization is hosting a private event or fundraiser, they might share a token with their community. Those community members can enter this token into their Kindly profile to view the event details and sign up.
  • I tried to Register but the shift I chose only has group spots available
    You may encounter shifts that are fully booked. Often, some of the reserved spots are part of a group reservation. Group leaders can hold spots and fill those spots with their intended co-volunteers. Please only register for a group you have been invited to. Sliding into someone’s group without being invited could create a few problems for that group leader (where their intended co-volunteers can be blocked from taking the spot reserved for them). Group leaders who see uninvited volunteers within their group are instructed to remove that volunteer, which would cancel your reservation. It is sort of like sliding into someone’s table at a restaurant when they have a reservation. It could get weird.
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